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  • There's Even An App For That

    02-11-2020 - Steve Kearns

    We use our smartphones for virtually everything these days—appointments, e-mail, photography, social media, entertainment, shopping, summoning a taxi, ordering food—the more
  • Invisible Barcodes Help Prevent Counterfeit Products

    01-08-2020 - Trevor Bernier

    The evolution of barcodes over the decades has largely been in the direction of making them easier to read. But sometimes there are reasons to make codes invisible, or “ more
  • Why Smartphone-Based Barcode Scanners are a Business Game Changer

    10-24-2019 - Trevor Bernier

    In recent years, purpose-built mobile barcode scanners have had a transformative effect on many businesses. With hardware and accompanying software developed from the more
  • How three logistics companies increased their barcode read rates

    09-25-2019 - Tom Mangan

    It’s tough to be a barcode. These black-and-white symbols carrying crucial product information get bent, torn, wrinkled, and shrink-wrapped. Attach one the wrong way and more
  • 網上雜貨店如何簡化物流運營

    08-27-2019 - Tom Mangan

    Ocado 是英國網上食品雜貨店的先驅,其宗旨是在人們需要時將其所需要的東西直接送到其廚房。為此,公司開發了成熟的系統以高速、高效并準確地在線下訂單和發貨到’家。 2000 年創立的 Ocado 2018 年收入近 19 億美元。但 Ocado 的所有物流和電子商務方面的進步都依賴已經使用了幾十年的技術,即產品條碼。管理超過 50,000 more
  • A Whole New Way to Illuminate and Read Barcodes

    07-10-2019 - Caroline Smart

    With twice the computing power of conventional readers in its class, the DataMan 370 delivers faster decode speeds for greater throughput per facility—even when more
  • 3 Strategies for Improving Warehouse Operations with Modular Mobile Technology

    06-13-2019 - James Furbush

    In 2018, U.S. consumers bought more than $500 billion worth of goods online, an increase of 15% from the previous year. That's just a small sliver of overall total retail more
  • A Closer Look At Multi-code Barcode Reading With Mobile Devices

    06-04-2019 - Steve Kearns

    There is no denying the productivity gains in both speed and accuracy barcode scanning can bring to many workflows. Virtually every retail outlet from grocers to sporting more
  • 關于使用 5G 連接優勢方面您的工廠需要知道什么

    05-29-2019 - James Furbush

    隨著每次新一代蜂窩連接技術的推出,我們幾乎無法預測殺手級的應用會是什么。2G 推出后能夠可靠地撥打無線電話和發送短信;3G 連接使手機訪問因特網成為關鍵應用,雖然加載速度較慢;4G,也就是現在的蜂窩網絡,將現代智能手機變成了渦輪增壓袖珍型聯網計算機。回頭看過去幾十年,視頻是 4G 技術最大的受益點。想像一下,如果告訴 2005 年時的你,你 more
  • 模塊化移動技術可避免專用設備帶來的 IT 問題

    05-07-2019 - Trevor Bernier

    一輛新車在您開走一秒鐘后即會損失其價值的約 10%,而一些汽車品牌在短短幾年內就會損失近一半的價值。每隔幾年便需要更換的專用移動設備同樣會出現這種情況。這些設備因為是針對一種掃碼應用而設計,其自帶的技術和操作系統很快就會過時、而且硬件或組件不耐用而導致需要經常修理,所以會快速地大幅貶值。企業 IT 經理應該投資面向未來的移動解決方案,以便可 more