DataMan 370 Series Fixed-Mount Barcode Reader

DataMan 370 系列功能特征

DataMan 370 系列固定式讀碼器可解決具挑戰性的直接部件標識 (DPM) 和基于標簽的代碼應用問題。DataMan 370 的計算能力是同類傳統讀碼器的兩倍,即使應用涉及多個代碼和符號,它也能提供更快的解碼速度,從而提高每個設備的吞吐量。

DataMan 370

2 倍讀碼性能和能力

DataMan 370 系列讀碼器采用先進的解碼算法進行了優化,包括新式一維/二維自動識別技術,確保為一維條碼和二維碼提供快速且優異的讀取率。DataMan 370 的多核處理器使其能夠并行運行這些算法和流程,使其擁有同類高性能讀碼器兩倍的性能和能力。

Best-in-class image formation

DataMan 370 uses High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging technology to acquire single images that are 16 times more detailed than conventional sensors. It globally enhances image quality and contrast, resulting in greater depth-of-field and improved handling of low contrast codes.

Image formation with HDR
DataMan 370 Exploded View

Modularity provides unparalleled flexibility

DataMan 370’s proven modular design shares the same lighting, lens, and communication options as other DataMan readers, providing maximum flexibility and ease-of-use. New high-powered integrated torch (HPIT) option provides unmatched illumination power, eliminating the need for external lighting.

Easy setup and operation

DataMan Setup Tool software simplifies installation and operation of Cognex barcode readers. It captures images in real time for user review and tracks read result history. Intelligent auto-tuning and application assistants guide the user to quickly optimize complex parameters with ease. The Setup Tool also provides process control metrics and performance feedback.

DataMan Setup Tool